Project: Find this Spiral Cutter

Hello again to all the readers of this blog (and by all I mean the 3 people who have been visiting my blog all these months). I didn’t plan on disappearing but work (and travel) kept me busy. But here I am again, promising not to disappear for months on end.

I’ve been a Pinterest addict since a long time now and my affinity for that website has only increased in the past few months. Like most people, I use it mainly to scout for good recipes and eventually land up on really well maintained food blogs. One thing that I have been noticing a lot is that how all these international food bloggers have multiple substitutes available for one product. One of the most interesting substitutes I have noticed recently is the GEFU Spirelli Spiral Cutter that can be used to julienne carrots, radishes, etc which can be used as substitutes for pasta.

Here is how it looks –

GEFU Spirelli Slicer

GEFU Spirelli Slicer

I’ve been searching for this in India since weeks but Jabong was the only place selling it and they decided to retail it at 4,500 Rps! Yup, that’s correct. retails it at around 29.99$ and FINALLY decides to list it and sell it at around 1800 Rps. However I still think that it is slightly expensive and anything around 1000 Rps would be a good deal.

Has anyone seen this product on other websites? Or maybe in some store in Crawford market?