Project: Find this Spiral Cutter

Hello again to all the readers of this blog (and by all I mean the 3 people who have been visiting my blog all these months). I didn’t plan on disappearing but work (and travel) kept me busy. But here I am again, promising not to disappear for months on end.

I’ve been a Pinterest addict since a long time now and my affinity for that website has only increased in the past few months. Like most people, I use it mainly to scout for good recipes and eventually land up on really well maintained food blogs. One thing that I have been noticing a lot is that how all these international food bloggers have multiple substitutes available for one product. One of the most interesting substitutes I have noticed recently is the GEFU Spirelli Spiral Cutter that can be used to julienne carrots, radishes, etc which can be used as substitutes for pasta.

Here is how it looks –

GEFU Spirelli Slicer

GEFU Spirelli Slicer

I’ve been searching for this in India since weeks but Jabong was the only place selling it and they decided to retail it at 4,500 Rps! Yup, that’s correct. retails it at around 29.99$ and FINALLY decides to list it and sell it at around 1800 Rps. However I still think that it is slightly expensive and anything around 1000 Rps would be a good deal.

Has anyone seen this product on other websites? Or maybe in some store in Crawford market?


Make Paper Boats this summer!

We’re in mid-May and right in the throes of summer and while we all have our favourite summer drinks to beat the heat, I decided to experiment this year and try a few readymade drinks!

I’m very loyal to my nimbu paani and coconut water, I discovered a little gem in a grocery store near my office. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Paper Boat!

The first thing you will notice is the packaging – subtle yet colourful enough to stand out in the bunch of tetrapack fruit juices available in the market. I love how the packaging has a matte finish and not a glossy one. My longstanding issue with fruit juice tetrapacks have been their size – they are either too small or you have to buy a 1 litre pack and that’s where Paper Boat wins hands down for me. The packet also has a sipper so you can sip on this while commuting as well.

Paper Boat is available in two flavours – Jaljeera and Aamras and it retails for for Rs 25/- for 250 ml; perfect value for money.

Paper Boat Jaljeera

Paper Boat Jaljeera

Paper Boat - Aamras

Paper Boat – Aamras

I know I am repeating this but I love it when brands pay attention to details and Paper Boat has ensured that their product stands out. Take this description on the jaljeera packet for instance. They intended me to get nostalgic about my childhood and I did just that.  I also think the name of the brand is quite smart. Paper Boat reminds me of the rains and how we used to spend hours playing with paper boats.

Both the products taste great too and I was quite delighted when I found out that it wasn’t too watery. The aamras wasn’t too pulpy and was of perfect consistency.

Run to your nearby grocery store and stock up on these drinks. Do it.

Coconut Water v2.0

It’s Summertime and hence it is time for insane humidity, sunburns and sticky sunscreen. I’m not a fan of this season (It is quite evident, isn’t it?) and I will do anything to avoid stepped out of my house during these few months. And just like most people, I try to have more liquids in this season- be it fresh fruit juices, sherbets or just plain old water.

As a kid, I loved sipping on coconut water during the summer months. I still like doing that though it’s difficult to get fresh coconut water near my office. I stumbled upon this coconut water substitute called Pure Shee Jal. This is essentially coconut water in a sachet.

The packet retails for Rs 6/- for 220 ml which is a pretty good deal. You just have to add the powder in a glass of water and voila, you have instant coconut water. Here is a horrible picture of the sachet.


I’ve started having one sachet per day and while it is much cheaper than the original coconut water, I’m slightly concerned about the processed ingredients that  are used in this sachet. Having said that, it tastes just like natural coconut water and does not have any synthetic taste. That’s a relief.

I’ve also seen packaged coconut water in supermarkets but I’ve never really tried them. Has anyone tried both these variants? Would love to hear some thoughts on the packaged coconut water too!

KitchenAid in India!

Remember this post? I was (and still am) drooling over this gorgeous thing. And seems like KitchenAid is coming to India!!!!

I saw this post on their Facebook page and am really thrilled. It’s time to get the lime-coloured awesomeness for my kitchen 😀 As of now there is no information about the launch dates or prices and I’m hoping that I don’t have to pay half my salary to get one.

Yummy Colours

Yummy Colours

Will you be getting one too?

And the Worst Muesli Award goes to…

Yesterday I made a feel-good trip to Hyercity. As weird as it sounds, grocery shopping makes me happy. I know I can buy the same things online on various websites but just walking around in the supermarket with a basket full of goodies makes me happy.

I won’t lie, I just went to Hypercity was because I wanted to pick up Baggry’s Strawberry Muesli but unfortunately it was out of stock 😦 I looked around for other options and naturally I drifted towards the Essential Waitrose section. Now, I’ve been using a few products from this brand very religiously (the pasta and olive oil, for example) and I’ve been waiting to buy new products from this brand and experiment. I was confused between picking their salad dressings/bread spreads or cornflakes/muesli. They package their products really and I have to gather all the will power I have so that I don’t end up spending my entire salary there.

Yesterday I decided to take a chance and try one of their muesli. Since I love berries, I decided to pick their Swiss Style Berry Muesli with nuts, cranberries, blueberries and blackcurrents. I could see a lot of berries in the packets and the berry lover in me was very happy with the purchase.


I got a 750 gms packet for Rs 450 which is not cheap at all (I pick up the 1 kg Baggry’s muesli for Rs 360) and the muesli is available in 5-6 other variants (with different fruits and dry fruits combinations)

However, my happiness was rather short lived. I tried it at home and I was completely disappointed with the taste (rather, lack of any taste). Let’s start with the texture. Unlike the Baggry’s muesli, this one was more powdered. It felt like each grain was coated with some sort of flour. The good bit is that the berry ratio wasn’t negligible.


Honestly, I didn’t like how it looked but I decided to try it anyway. I did and it was BLAND. No taste whatsoever. Seriously, nothing at all. I had to add a little strawberry crush to the muesli to get some flavour but it was barely edible.

I feel cheated here, actually. I’ve been recommending their products to everyone and then I stumble upon them. I’ll obviously continue using their pasta products but I’m quite wary to their their salad dressings now. I don’t want a tastless blob of dressing in my salad.

Now I’m stuck with expensive muesli that doesn’t have any taste at all. How can I make it edible? Any ideas?

Goodies from Kolkata

Kolkata is known for awesome desserts and you don’t need me to tell you that.  A few weeks ago, Stuti from The Cheesecake Project was in Kolkata and she called me from the airport to ask me what I want. Now in normal circumstances I would have said Sondesh (because everyone loves Sondesh). For some vague reason she asked if I want some berry flavoured green tea.

Some of you must be aware that I am not a fan of green tea but then I’m a huge fan of berries so I ditched the Sondesh and opted for the green tea instead.

Blueberry and Raspberry Green Tea

Blueberry and Raspberry Green Tea

What’s more adorable is that she wrote a message too ^_^


I haven’t tried it yet but I’m going to try both today! 😀 Are you experimenting with your tea?

Midnight cravings: Strawberry Muesli

Let’s admit it, all of us have vague midnight cravings – I usually want to have something sweet and non- fussy and more often than not I find myself curled up in my bed with a nice big bowl of strawberry muesli.  My favourite is the Bagrry’s Fruit n Fibre Strawberry muesli (I love berries so this is my first choice). This muesli is crunchy and full of fruity goodness though I should warn you that it comes with raisins and almond pieces.

I have a constant battle with raisins and it’s difficult to avoid them but everytime I spot a raisin before I eat a spoonful I give myself a hi-5! But then there are times when I eat one and this is how I react –

Attack of the raisins :(

Attack of the raisins 😦

Also, I’m not too fond of milk so I just take a couple of spoonfuls of cold milk and fill the entire bowl with muesli. Yummmmmm. I don’t usually like to top my muesli with more fruits but if blueberries were easily available here, I would have had something like this EVERY SINGLE DAY.



I pick up the 1 kg box of Bagrry’s Fruit n Fibre Strawberry muesli from Hypercity in Malad for approximately Rs 350/- though I want to try making it at home once. Any tips or recipes will be welcome and I might even share some with you!

What’s your midnight snack?

For the love of Gummy Bears

Gummmyyy Bearrrsss! Just thinking about this chewy candy gives me an instant sugar rush. Seriously, how can someone not like gummy bears? I remember when I was in college, I used to save up a part of my pocket money for a monthly visit to Alfa to buy packets of Haribo.

For those who don’t know, Haribo is a confectionery company headquartered in Germany and I think they make the best gummy bears. Come to think of it, I would love to work there. I can imagine myself in a pool of gummy bears 😀

Here’s a picture of the packet just in case you’re out at the supermarket looking for gummy bears.


However, now you don’t have to go all the way to Alfa or Crawford Market to pick up a packet – Hypercity in Malad has this almost constant deal on Haribo. Buy one packet (150 grams for Rs 49/-) and get one packet (150 grams) free. So essentially you get two packets for Rs 49/- and that’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.

Two packets of gummy bears barely last me for a day 😦 but if I ever develop some self control I want to do this –

Vodka Gummy Bears

And now because I cannot stop drooling over gummy bears, I’m going to torture you guys as well with some awesomesauce pictures.

Gummy bears rainbow - OCD WIN!

Gummy bears rainbow – OCD WIN!


Are you a gummy bear fan too?

Twinings Strawberry & Mango Infusion

Just like most Indians, I like my chai to be milky and full of masala. I cannot start my day without my morning cup of masala chai. However, my friends have been experimenting with all these fancy fruit and herbal flavoured tea. I decided to try it out as well and I picked up a packet of Twinings Strawberry & Mango Infusion.

Frankly, I’ve had multiple (failed) attempts at getting used to green tea and I wasn’t expecting much this time around as well. This one, however, turned out to be slightly different. I loved how it was so fruity that you barely tasted any tea. Strawberry was the more dominant of the two flavours and I am not complaining – I love berries.

You can have it hot or cold though I’ve always had it with hot water.


The packet comes with 20 tea bags and retails at around Rs 199/- in stores such as Hypercity. The packet says that the infusion is available in two more flavours – Raspberry, Strawberry & Loganberry and Cranberry & Pomegranate but I couldn’t find it in Hypercity. There’s no mention of the other flavours on their website too – Anyone knows where can I get these two flavours?


Have you experimented with your tea lately?