Are you a foodie? You gotta love Pinterest

Let me get straight to the point – I love Pinterest. Every day I log into Pinterest to see all the creative geniuses show off their skills while I sit at my desk at work just wondering about the lack of creativity in my life. Pinterest is a place which makes you feel good and bad about your life at the same time – good because you get countless tips on how to bring creativity into your life and bad because well, you don’t do anything about it.

And because I am a food lover, I am automatically drawn to all the food related pins (which is one of the reason why all my diet plans vanish in less than a day). Now there is no dearth of food pins on Pinterest but there are a few categories that I absolutely adore. While there are way too many pretty looking pictures on Pinterest, I have found that these categories are the ones that you can actually adapt into your day to day life.

So here it is, my top three favourite kind of food pins on Pinterest:

1. The infographics: I love how you can find an infographic on almost any topic these days – right from now how to correctly pair wine and cheese to the mating patterns of a cow. Infographics are a fun, visual way to present information and let’s be honest, they are much easier to remember.



2. Ideas for packed lunches: I prefer to carry my lunch from home rather than eat in the office canteen and while I love my roti-sabzi meals on most days, I find myself craving something different on some days. I’ve found brilliant ideas for packed lunch boxes on Pinterest and it’s rather amusing to see what people around the world eat for lunch.

Lunch Box

3. Healthy Snack Ideas: This is by far my favourite thing to search for on Pinterest. I snack often during the day and instead of feasting on biscuits or sandwiches, I have made a list of all the healthy substitutes I can have. And while we are on the topic of snacks, can we collectively agree that granola bars are the best thing to have happened to mankind? Also, is it just me or does everyone get excited about how these snack packets are so cutely organized?


Also, I just realized that I am sort of obsessed with Pinterest and I might need to check into Pinterest rehab soon.