How cheesy is this title?

The inevitable has happened – I have started liking cheese. Yes, I grew up hating cheese because the flavour and taste was too strong for me but all of a sudden I realize that I have started ordering for Veg Cheese Frankie instead of my regular Veg Frankie without cheese. I think my sudden love for cheese started when we had to make cheese herb bread sticks in baking class. I actually did not put cheese and just made my breadsticks with herbs but then I tasted one that my fellow baker had made and woa! I was amazed. Those breadsticks were so yummy!

Cheese Breadsticks

I’ve started picking up cheese flavoured chips and crackers from supermarket. I think now I understand what people meant when they said that once you get addicted to cheese, there’s no going back!

The good bit is that I still don’t enjoy cheese in most of my food items and while I enjoy my frankie and tacos with some cheese, I continue to detest cheese in my pizza (Yes, it is true) or pasta in white sauce.  I love to look at a cheese platter though; it looks so pretty. Hopefully one day I might be able to get over my dislike for cheese and experiment with various types of cheese.


I’ve not started adding cheese to my Maggi (I think that is the ultimate test you have to pass to be a cheese lover) and I’m assuming that is a good thing.

And with that, I’ll leave you with this wonderful image (Brownie points if you can guess the original movie name!)  Do you also have a random food item that you started liking/disliking all of a sudden?tumblr_mm95a8Haay1ruouzco1_500


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