Coconut Water v2.0

It’s Summertime and hence it is time for insane humidity, sunburns and sticky sunscreen. I’m not a fan of this season (It is quite evident, isn’t it?) and I will do anything to avoid stepped out of my house during these few months. And just like most people, I try to have more liquids in this season- be it fresh fruit juices, sherbets or just plain old water.

As a kid, I loved sipping on coconut water during the summer months. I still like doing that though it’s difficult to get fresh coconut water near my office. I stumbled upon this coconut water substitute called Pure Shee Jal. This is essentially coconut water in a sachet.

The packet retails for Rs 6/- for 220 ml which is a pretty good deal. You just have to add the powder in a glass of water and voila, you have instant coconut water. Here is a horrible picture of the sachet.


I’ve started having one sachet per day and while it is much cheaper than the original coconut water, I’m slightly concerned about the processed ingredients that  are used in this sachet. Having said that, it tastes just like natural coconut water and does not have any synthetic taste. That’s a relief.

I’ve also seen packaged coconut water in supermarkets but I’ve never really tried them. Has anyone tried both these variants? Would love to hear some thoughts on the packaged coconut water too!


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