Coconut Water v2.0

It’s Summertime and hence it is time for insane humidity, sunburns and sticky sunscreen. I’m not a fan of this season (It is quite evident, isn’t it?) and I will do anything to avoid stepped out of my house during these few months. And just like most people, I try to have more liquids in this season- be it fresh fruit juices, sherbets or just plain old water.

As a kid, I loved sipping on coconut water during the summer months. I still like doing that though it’s difficult to get fresh coconut water near my office. I stumbled upon this coconut water substitute called Pure Shee Jal. This is essentially coconut water in a sachet.

The packet retails for Rs 6/- for 220 ml which is a pretty good deal. You just have to add the powder in a glass of water and voila, you have instant coconut water. Here is a horrible picture of the sachet.


I’ve started having one sachet per day and while it is much cheaper than the original coconut water, I’m slightly concerned about the processed ingredients that  are used in this sachet. Having said that, it tastes just like natural coconut water and does not have any synthetic taste. That’s a relief.

I’ve also seen packaged coconut water in supermarkets but I’ve never really tried them. Has anyone tried both these variants? Would love to hear some thoughts on the packaged coconut water too!


The world’s best pasta recipe

I love pasta. I absolutely love it. I want to have pasta on good days and not so good days. And because I want to have pasta so frequently, I decided to ditch the cheaper and yummier Bluebird pasta for a more wholesome Essential Waitrose durum wheat pasta.

I’ve tried pasta from various brands and eventually settled for the Essential Waitrose one. I usually pick up their penne pasta (Rps 150/- for a 500 gm packet) and surprisingly it lasts longer than the Bluebird one. Maybe it has something to do with the core ingredients but I require a smaller portion of the Essential Waitrose pasta. Note: While this pasta does not ‘fluff up’ after boiling, I’ve noticed that the quantity of pasta increases after it has boiled.

Hypercity also stocks the wheat variants in fusilli and spaghetti but none of the other fancy shapes. This is how the packet looks (You can distinguish these pasta from the regular ones as these are more brown)

Essential Waitrose Penne

Essential Waitrose Penne

And while I have bookmarked a million yummy pasta recipes, I end up making the same recipe over and over again – Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino.” Don’t let this complicated name confuse you. I promise this is the easiest recipe you will come across. This is a traditional Italian dish which literally translates to spaghetti with garlic, olive oil and chili peppers. Yes, that simple.

But being an Indian, I need some flavour in my pasta. Here’s are the ingredients that I use for this recipe.

– Olive oil

– Garlic (Lots of garlic!)

– Dried Mixed Herbs

– Oregano

– Paprika

– Spaghetti/Penne


After you’re done boiling the pasta, take a pan and add olive oil to it. Add garlic, dried mixed herbs, oregano, paprika and salt and mix it. That’s all. Yes, that simple.

The best pasta in the world!

The best pasta in the world!

You can even serve this with garlic bread but I don’t want anything to interfere with the taste of the pasta so I just have mine straight out of the bowl! Yum!

Do you have a favourite pasta recipe?

Let’s go grocery shopping

I’m pretty sure everyone knows by now that I love grocery shopping. Call me old fashioned but I would love to spend lazy afternoons in a supermarket. The closest supermarket to my house is Hypercity and while I find a lot of new products there that I don’t find near my house, it’s not economical for me to make constant trips to Hypercity.

The next best option is, of course, online shopping. I asked around on Twitter and found a few recommendations for online grocery stores. Before I list them out, I would like to inform you that I haven’t ordered from any of these websites personally though some obviously seem to have a better range of products than the others. These websites may also help you cut down on impulse buying which usually happens in supermarkets.


A major factor for picking one website over the other will be the minimum order amount. If I just want a box of muesli, I’m not going to add 5 other items just to reach the minimum amount threshold.


Free Shipping amount – Rs 1000/- (or Rs 25/- for shipping charges)


Free Shipping amount – Rs 75/- per day. (or Rs 30/- for shipping charges)


Free Shipping amount – Rs 750/- (or Rs 75/- for shipping charges). Their customer care tells me that cheese orders will have a Rs 100 charge due to the handling and packaging care required for cheese parcels  even if your total order is above Rs 750/-


Minimum order amount – Rs 400/-


Minimum order amount – Rs 500/- (or Rs 50/- for shipping. Shipping charges are waived off for orders above Rs 1000/-)


Free Shipping Amount – Rs 1000/- (or Rs 70/- for shipping)

Update: Divya (@InsomniacGurl) shared two more websites


Free Shipping Amount – Rs 200/-


Minimum order amount – Rs 500/-


Minimum order valie – Rs 1500/-

I’m going to keep on updating this list as and when I stumble upon more websites. You can recommend the websites that you have used and help me build a bigger list for all the foodies! 🙂

KitchenAid in India!

Remember this post? I was (and still am) drooling over this gorgeous thing. And seems like KitchenAid is coming to India!!!!

I saw this post on their Facebook page and am really thrilled. It’s time to get the lime-coloured awesomeness for my kitchen 😀 As of now there is no information about the launch dates or prices and I’m hoping that I don’t have to pay half my salary to get one.

Yummy Colours

Yummy Colours

Will you be getting one too?