The Colour Wheel

I’m in a weird mood currently. I want to try out food that I haven’t tried/seen before. I feel I don’t experiment enough. Eggs, for example. Every morning, people in office are happily chomping on their bhurji-pav and omelette while I have to make  do with a boring vegetable sandwich or some fruits.

Let’s be honest, a plate of omelette looks pretty appealing. It’s just that the smell puts me off 😦


However, the mention of an omlette always reminds me of this. It’s pure nostalgia.

Introduction to French: 101

Introduction to French: 101

I also want to add more colour to my food and hence I’ve been trying to hunt for weirdly coloured vegetables. I don’t mean the yellow and red bell peppers but something else. I haven’t found anything yet but any tips would be helpful.

For example. I spotted this purple maize on the interwebs and I have no idea whether you get something like this in India. Purple Maize!

Or even something as simple as baby carrots. I cannot find them anywhere. Someone told me that they are available in a few supermarkets but I’ve only seen the short and fat variety there too. I’m looking for something that looks slightly more rustic like this –


If you guys know of any places that sells differently coloured vegetables, do let me know. Let a ‘foodie’ experiment. Please.



  1. Sounds good ! But with liberalisation, we have things available everywhere. Sadly, that translates into something not available at X, to be not available at Y either 😦 I have been to the posh vegetable markets of Delhi ( the big ones ), but have not come across what you seek ! Let us know if you find what you need somewhere… Would be fun to know about 🙂

    • Ditto. Haven’t found anything that I am looking for. But I’ll make a note of it if I find something in Bombay 🙂

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