Of sad Breadsticks and Chelsea Buns

Hello hello! I’ve been meaning to update the blog about my baking adventures but laziness took over and well, here I am. Anyway, I had my second baking class on Saturday and we made ‘fancy’ breads. Some of them were so yummy! However, I never knew I’d say this but I’m tired of eating bread but I have nothing to worry about because next week we’re making tarts! 😀

We bake in this industrial sized oven and I’m pretty much in awe of it. I wish I could have something like this at home. Here’s how it looks.


This weekend we focused on making fancy breads and we started by making a sauce for our pizza. We semi-baked the Pizza base (just like how you get the ready ones in the market), added the sauce, veggies and cheese and baked it again. Yummy yummy.

Semi-baked Pizza based

Semi-baked Pizza based


We then proceeded to make the yummiest bread I’ve ever baked – Cheese Garlic Bread. Now I’m not a fan of cheese but I’m glad I added it here because it added a wonderful flavour.



We also made sweet bread which we had as dessert in class. We started with Chelsea Buns with lot’s of tutti fruity. Btw, did you know that tutti fruity is called Angelica in English? I didn’t know that until Saturday!


Remember the tutti fruity buns that you get in general stores? We made those too! We only used red coloured tutti fruity but I’m definitely going to add more coloured ones when I make it at home. I think this is a great breakfast option.

Sweet Buns

Sweet Buns


One sad thing happened though. I was always a fan of focaccia; maybe that’s because I thought the layer of vegetables made this a healthier option but I was taken aback at the amount of oil that is used in this recipe. Yes, it is olive oil but this bread literally floats in oil. I don’t think I’m fond of this bread anymore.


We were almost 7 hours into the baking class by this time and I was tired and exhausted. The last recipe for the day was bread sticks and I am ashamed to say that I messed it up. Royally. They’re uneven, out of shape, and just generally a disaster. A classmate added some cheese to this recipe and it tasted really good. I’m going to remember that when I’m making some at home.


What’s your favoruite type of bread?


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