Nutella will save the day!

There are bad days and then there are shitty days. This day is happily floating between these options and it can swing eitherway. Usually I deal with such days by stuffing my face with comfort food – rich, calorie- laden food that makes me feel good.

However, I’m stuck in office just dreaming about food that I want to eat right now and since I can’t have most of these things right now, I’m just making a list of these items.

1. Bread, butter and chaat masala – I am not a fan of butter and I need a sprinkle of chaat masala to mask the taste of butter. I also have a weird style of eating this – I roll the slice into a ball and then eat it (Is that TMI?) Also, how can people discard the first and last slices?

Sliced Bread

2. Ripe Banana Chips and Jackfruit chips – Ripe banana chips are made by ripe bananas (duh!) and you can find them in most places where the chips are being freshly fried (Most roadside vendors have this). Jackfruit chips are slightly difficult to find; though the best ones are fried in coconut oil.

Ripe Banana Chips

Ripe Banana Chips

Jackfruit Chips

Jackfruit Chips

3. Nutella – Let me make this clear – the only way to have Nutella is to have it straight from the jar. No two ways about it. I love having it with Vita Marie biscuits. Dunk the biscuit in the jar and then it goes straight in the mouth.


4. Samosa Pav – FRIED POTATOES. How can anyone not like Samosa Pav?

04-India-Samosas-Chaat-and-Vada-PavI’ll usually turn to these things when I’m feeling down. Do you have any favourite comfort food?




  1. I did try THE samosa pav when I was in Mumbai once, and love it ! And, nutella was one the reasons why I swelled to 95 Kgs some time back 😉
    I guess I love Kurkure laced with a bit of tomato ketchup or something. I do not know if it is the food, or the sound of it, but it does help when am depressed.
    Comfort food- I never knew I can call it that 🙂 Thank you !

    • Okay now I want to have all of that. I’ve never tried Kurkure with ketchup though I love potato chips with ketchup! Nom.

      • Nom is the sound that you make while eating something intently right ? 🙂
        PS- Comfort food se yaad aaya, Delhi has these amazing Sarvana Bhavan- they serve amazing south indian cuisine. Since you are into food stuff, it might be worth a try 🙂
        Godspeed !

      • Oh I love the street food Delhi has to offer. Momos, aloo tikki, aloo chaat, rajma chawal. Been a year since my last visit there. Hope I get to visit soon 🙂

      • Speaking of street food, yesternight I and my friend were out for the Lincoln evening show. And, there was this food festival organised by Delhi Tourism department right in the middle of Connaught Palace. So, you might check out their website before planning your visits- the food on offer was amazing 😉

        Momos..ohh well 🙂

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