Midnight cravings: Strawberry Muesli

Let’s admit it, all of us have vague midnight cravings – I usually want to have something sweet and non- fussy and more often than not I find myself curled up in my bed with a nice big bowl of strawberry muesli.  My favourite is the Bagrry’s Fruit n Fibre Strawberry muesli (I love berries so this is my first choice). This muesli is crunchy and full of fruity goodness though I should warn you that it comes with raisins and almond pieces.

I have a constant battle with raisins and it’s difficult to avoid them but everytime I spot a raisin before I eat a spoonful I give myself a hi-5! But then there are times when I eat one and this is how I react –

Attack of the raisins :(

Attack of the raisins 😦

Also, I’m not too fond of milk so I just take a couple of spoonfuls of cold milk and fill the entire bowl with muesli. Yummmmmm. I don’t usually like to top my muesli with more fruits but if blueberries were easily available here, I would have had something like this EVERY SINGLE DAY.



I pick up the 1 kg box of Bagrry’s Fruit n Fibre Strawberry muesli from Hypercity in Malad for approximately Rs 350/- though I want to try making it at home once. Any tips or recipes will be welcome and I might even share some with you!

What’s your midnight snack?


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