Make biryani, not war

It’s Id-E-Milad today and that brings me to today’s topic – Biryani. Now I’m a vegetarian so most people will argue that I’ve not really tasted authentic biryani.

Frankly, I do feel left out with my friends make plans to go to these hole-in-the-wall places for some authentic biryani but I do accompany them and order a watered down vegetarian biryani. Such is life. The depressing thing about biryani though are all the spices that you get in each mouthful. I understand that’s what gives the biryani the ‘flavour’ and ‘taste’ but come on, elaichi?

I have a constant battle with these spices when I’m devouring my biryani and here’s how I feel when I win πŸ˜€


I’ll have to be honest though – the one time I really crave biryani is when I’m drunk. Nothing like a big plate of biryani to cheer me up πŸ™‚


Biryani with curd and curry that I always waste

Biryani with curd and curry that I always waste

I love having my biryani plain – without any curd or curry. How do you like to have your biryani?



  1. Hell no, my biryani has to have a curd bath! Thats how i like it!

    Maybe you should try the ‘authentic’ biryani when your sloshed enough! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

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